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What if… children’s creativity was encouraged, nurtured, and woven into their learning experience?

All children are artists.
They are naturally curious,
full of wonder,
and they are eager to explore.

We have a vision to provide them with a world class space to create, learn, explore and develop.
Cultivating creativity in children leads to so many other benefits in their lives, and to our lives and our community.

Why Art?

Because human creativity enriches our souls and the fabric of our communities.

Why Children?

Because all children are artists, unless we teach them not to be.

Why Calgary?

Because our children are our future.

Why Now?

Because this is Calgary’s renaissance moment. Let’s seize it.

Join us to make Art Creating Futures a reality in Calgary.

Barbara La Pointe is an art education specialist, facilitator and children’s advocate who has a dream and a vision. The dream is to provide Calgary’s children with access to art education, art therapy, and art appreciation. The Art Creating Futures Foundation is about children making art, learning about art, experiencing art, and being healed through art.


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