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Art Education is Our Mission

Studies have shown that children enter public schools with highly creative powers. They reach the peak of their imaginative abilities by the third grade, and from then on, they are socialized out of creativity towards conformity.  Linear and convergent thinking form the basis of school curricula for the rest of their school careers.

The Art Creating Futures Foundation and Curated “Art To Go” Projects will serve schools and families with children from pre-school to grade 12 by providing a world-class, creative, full-service art education centre.

The Foundation will:

  • Provide a creative environment with practices specifically for children
  • Provide a safe, affirming space for all indigenous children and vulnerable youth.
  • Be a place where students can learn to think visually and creatively.
  • Foster critical creative thinking that nurtures an entrepreneurial mindset in children.
  • Empower imagination, inspiration and natural talent.
  • Deliver solid art education within an academic structure.
  • Ensure that children can use their creative energy to learn in an active, kinaesthetic manner.
  • Provide a safe and healing space for art therapy for children to heal from trauma and abuse.
  • Include digital media strategies in the delivery of curriculum of art appreciation, and studio.

The Art Creating Futures Foundation will also increase Calgary’s cultural footprint with a destination art hot spot featured in Calgary’s core and housed in inspired world-class architecture. It will offer contemporary and interactive cultural diversity and enriching cultural experiences for the future generation of 21st-century learners.

Throughout the summer, the Foundation will provide full summer camp programs, art workshops and special training opportunities.  It will also provide desperately needed support and infrastructure to the Southern Alberta School Systems, including all public and Catholic schools systems, private and charter schools, by providing hundreds of free school visits per year. It will also host thousands of family visits each year.

The Foundation will consciously adopt museum and gallery pedagogical principles and include a network of professional art educators, artists and art guides to allow children to more fully access the fine arts in cooperation with their academics at school.

In addition, the Foundation will lead and support schools in helping students to actualize their creative potential.